Meeting: Toward a Sustainable Energy Future: Global, National & Local Electricity Trends

Hear from Ray Rapisand, Business Innovation Manager at Regional Cyber and Energy Security Center at UTEP.

Ray Rapisand has over 35 years of both private and public sector experience in the energy and environmental fields. His clients have included the U.S. Military, State and Federal agencies, electric utilities, international oil and gas resource mining companies and renewable energy projects.

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What it's like living next to a dairy

Jana Hughes

By Jana Hughes 03/21/14
As a rural resident living in an agricultural area for the majority of my life, I have spent many of those years living near a large-scale industrial dairy operation in the southeastern quadrant of the state.
Industrial confinement dairies produce massive amounts of manure because they confine thousands of animals on too little land. The untreated waste often migrates off-site and into the groundwater and the air I breathe. Land surrounding my home is used to dispose of the manure, bringing the untreated waste even closer to my home.

Science panel rejects Fish and Wildlife wolf plan

Wolf1 © 2006 Larry Allen

By Mary Katherine Ray, Chapter Wildlife chair 03/28/14

The saga and shame of the proposal to delist wolves from endangered-species protection wears on.
Wolves have already been delisted by an act of Congress in the three northern Rockies states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho and the three Great Lakes states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Last year, the Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to remove wolves from the Endangered Species list nationwide (excluding Mexican wolves) based on a reclassification of the species Canis lupus.

El Paso Group Executive Committee gets three great additions

By Laurence Gibson, El Paso Group chair 04.06.14
The El Paso Group Executive Committee is sporting three new members with outstanding credentials. Top vote-getter, after incumbent and National Board member Liz Walsh, was blogger Jim Tolbert.

Join the team! Volunteer web editor needed

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter is looking for a web editor — someone who can update the website and add events, stories, action alerts and other items.
The commitment is only a few hours a month, but it makes a big difference to our communications efforts. Please contact if you’re interested.

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks supporters deliver 15,000 petitions

Organ Mountains petition signers Dustin Chavez-Davis

By Dustin Chavez-Davis
Our Wild America
The campaign to establish the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument in southern New Mexico is gaining momentum following a visit to the area in late January from Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and delivery of 15,000 petition signatures asking President Obama to designate the monument.

April-May-June 2014 hikes and other outings

Bisti Wilderness © David Van Winkle

Outing sign-up is by contact with leader. To go you’ll need to sign a waiver that the leader will provide. Dogs only allowed as noted. Trips are normally FREE (pay when carpooling) and open to non-members (spread the word!), though we do like it if you join the Club to increase our local and national clout.

There are many, many outings, click "Read More" below to see them!


El Paso Group Executive Committee elections

El Paso Group Election Dates

Oct 10: Excom approved Nominating Committee Report
Oct 24: Petition deadline
Nov 13: Appoint Election Committee
Nov 19: Mailing of ballots
Dec 31: Ballot postmark deadline
Jan 16: Ballot count and report
6:30 pm, Singapore Cafe 4120 N.Mesa

Candidates are incumbents Walsh, Comar and Addington and members Rick LoBello, Jim Tolbert and John Walton. There are four openings on the Excom this year. Vice-Chair Bob Geyer has chosen not to run again. We thank Bob for his service these past four years.

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